The only “Jal Sanjhi” or “Painting on Water” Painter in India – Rajesh Vaishnav ( Lives in Udaipur )


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Rajesh Vaishnav is one of the only Jal Sanjhi Artist is India. He takes around 6 hours for making one Jal Sanjhi painting whose existence is just for 24 hours. This art can be seen only during one time period of year i.e. during Shraad Paksha’s Ekaa Dashi to Amavasya( New Moon) which is a 5 day period.

Jal Sanjhi Painting or in other words “Painting on Water” is a art which can be seen rarely in India. It is considered to be a very old form of art and painting. Sanjhi Painting can be made on different types of surfaces like flowers, dal or Water.

He uses self created stencils which has a design starting from small deer to even Hanuman Ji. He and his family have being making paintings on various mythological stories also.

Link of RaJesh Vaishnav’s Jal Sanji Art website :-

History of Jal Sanjhi Painting

According to people from Hindu Vaishnav group, this art had started in 15th Century in Vrindavan by Goddess Radha for Krishna.

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