Sentinelese Tribe : The Most Isolated Tribe of India and World – Unseen Images..


About “The Sentinelese Tribe”:

The Sentinelese tribe is the only uncontacted tribe in India, who are living on the North Sentinal Island which is one of the Island of Andaman in the Indian Ocean. The vigorously reject any contact with outsiders.

1. It is the most Isolated tribe of the world.

2. They are the only uncontacted tribe in India and World also.

3. The photo that told the world the Sentinelese had survived the 2004 tsunami.

4. It is said that “The Sentinelese enjoy excellent health, unlike those Andamans tribes whose lands have been destroyed”.

5. The Sentinelese stand guard on an island beach.

6. The Sentinelese are believed to have lived on their island home for 60,000 years.

7. The North Sentinelese island are banned in India for travelling.

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