Home India Top 10 Reasons to visit Andaman in 2018..

Top 10 Reasons to visit Andaman in 2018..

Top 10 Reasons to visit Andaman in 2018..

1. Closer to Home yet Feels International..


2. Kala Pani Ki Saza..

The Cellular Jail at Port Blair is an architectural marvel and it stands as a mute witness to the tortures meted out to the freedom fighters.

Andaman 2

3. For a Spectacular Sunrise..

Catch the first light of the morning at the Kala Pathar Beach and watch the entire island bask in the sunrise.

Andaman 3

4. Explore Havelock Island on Two Wheels..

Best way to explore the andaman is to hire a two wheeler and right through the narrow road on it.

Andaman 4

5. Meet Nemos at The Nemo Reef..

Andaman 5

6. Walk Underwater..

Andaman 6

7. Have seafood at Something Different..

Andaman 7

8. Sunset at Radhanagar Beach..

Andaman 8

9. To be disconnected because of no network and zero internet at some places..

Andaman 9

10. A comfortable Flight..With an amazing aerial view of Port Blair from the window seat..

Andaman 10
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