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15 Beaches in South Goa (2021)

15 Beaches in South Goa (2021)

Goa is the first place you think of when you plan a budget trip with your friends to party and create memories for a lifetime. This has made Goa not just a place to visit, but an experience to have. And for years, North Goa has ruled as a popular choice. How about you twist things a bit this time and explore the lesser-known beaches in the Southern part of the state? Here is a list of South Goa beaches that you can party, chill or just disappear to for a few days:

Beaches in South Goa (List):

1. Mobor Beach, South Goa

Mobor Beach

#1 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

The moment you reach Mobor Beach, you will realise there is more to it than just 30 kilometres of pristine sand. Situated at the Delta of River Sal, this serene beach houses a national park, thereby protecting a huge portion of Goan biodiversity. Adventure seekers can opt for exciting water sports like speedboat riding, jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, etc. Underwater fishing and oyster catching are some other activities that you can enjoy here, which let you discover the rich marine life. You also have the option to book a cruise to spot dolphins swimming in the sea.

  • Location: Cavelossim
  • How to get there: You can drive or hire a taxi from Goa Airport to Mobor Beach and reach in about an hour. It is at a distance of about 42 km from the airport. You can also take a train to the Vasco Da Gama Railway Station or Margao Railway Station and then hire a bike or cab to the beach.

2. Palolem Beach, South Goa

Palolem Beach

#2 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

Palolem Beach or the Green Island, as the locals call it, is among the many unspoilt beaches in South Goa. This beauty has made an appearance in the Hollywood film Bourne Supremacy – the beach is home to the lead actor Matt Damon. Despite its international fame, the beach is less crowded and preferred by those seeking solitude on their Goan holiday. The beach even has the famous Silent Noise Disco, a club that holds headphone parties. The loudest sounds are probably of the waves, which are also cut out when you go scuba diving or fishing in the calmer areas of the sea. 

  • Location: Canacona 
  • How to get there: Goa Airport is 60 km away from the beach. If you are driving from Panjim, it will take you a little over one hour to reach.

3. Varca Beach, South Goa

Varca Beach

#3 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

Golden sand and turquoise waters, this is the view of Varca Beach. It is one of the cleanest private beaches in South Goa. Away from the louder beaches in the North, this beach is known for its quiet and tranquil nature. So when you visit, enjoy delicious Goan food in peace at the shacks decorating the shoreline or a take boat ride on the River Sal.

  • Location: Fatrade 
  • How to get there: Hire a local taxi from the airport to the beach. The distance is about 27 km.

4. Cavelossim Beach, South Goa

Cavelossim Beach

#4 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

How many paintings with contrast colours have caught your eye? If your answer crosses, double digits, then you may want to visit this beach. The black lava rocks against the white sands look like a live painting. While the shoreline is lined with shacks, the other side has many market stalls and a cream-yellow painted Holy Cross Church. But if you want to add a little more adventure to your visit, you can opt for experiences like kayaking or sailing on a catamaran. Is ‘Sindbad the Sailor’ playing in your head yet? 

  • Location: Cavelossim 
  • How to get there: The distance from Goa Airport is 40 km. Hire a cab and it will take about 45 minutes to reach the beach.

5. Betalbatim Beach, South Goa

Betalbatim Beach

#5 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

Betalbatim Beach is a famous beach in South Goa so known for its view of the sunset that it is also referred to as Sunset Beach. Rarely crowded, this is another perfect beach in South Goa to relax in. Unlike other Goan beaches, which are lined with palm trees, here you will spot many pine trees across its shore. This beach is also well-known for being in close proximity to the Church of St. Thomas. 

  • Location: Betalbatim
  • How to get there: The distance between the airport and the beach is 22 km. You can hire a taxi to cover this distance in about 35 minutes.

6. Agonda Beach, Goa

Agonda Beach

#6 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

Great bars, live music, cafes for vegans, water sports, you can have the whole touristy experience here, at Agonda Beach. The white sands have colourful shacks lined across the shore offering authentic Goan cuisine. It is one of the cleanest beaches in the state. This is probably because the beach does not have as many visitors as its Northern counterparts. Also, the cute, but endangered Ridley Turtles have their nesting region at this beach. This reason alone is enough to visit Agonda Beach. Many hotels in South Goa can be found near this beach.

  • Location: Agonda 
  • How to get there: The distance between Agonda Beach and Goa International Airport is about 63 km. Hire a cab if you have luggage and want to save time. But if you want to save money, then you take a local bus to Vasco and from there, take another one towards Agonda Beach.

7. Majorda Beach, South Goa

Majorda Beach

#7 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama was kidnapped and brought to this beach as a child. That was an unexpected piece of information and here is another fascinating one. Jesuits (Society of Jesus) discovered the best Goan toddy and used it to leaven the bread, right here in Majorda. Be sure to visit a local bakery to try fresh poi and Feni to understand the true essence of Goa. You can also enjoy water sports like jet skiing, water skiing, etc. to feed your adventurous soul. 

  • Location: Majorda
  • How to get there: Majorda Beach is about 23 km from the airport.

8. Bogmalo Beach, South Goa

Bogmalo Beach

#8 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

Bogmalo Beach is among the famous beaches in South Goa known for its diving school. They give lessons to both novices and experts. And while you are here, give windsurfing a go. As you explore this beach further, you will see many shipwrecks in the area and a small fishing village. It is intriguing how many things you can discover and do at one peaceful beach. 

  • Location: Bogmalo
  • How to get there: Take a cab to cover the short distance of 5.7 km from Goa International Airport to the beach in not more than 15 minutes.

9. Colva Beach, South Goa

Colva Beach

#9 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

The Menino Jesus statue is a must-visit attraction in South Goa. Your trip is incomplete without a visit to this famous landmark along with the ruins of ancient Portuguese villas and houses. The Colva Church – Igreja de Nossa Senhora das Mercês – is a famous holy place here that should also be on your list. These sights are what make Colva Beach among the oldest and most celebrated South Goa beaches. You can also enjoy the many water sports this beach offers along its 25 km coastline. 

  • Location: Colva 
  • How to get there: The distance from the airport to the beach is 23 km. The nearest railway station is Madgaon Junction, which is only a 17-minute drive to the beach.

10. Benaulim Beach, South Goa

Benaulim Beach

#10 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

The previous name of this beach was Banavli (arrow), which was derived from a story in Hindu mythology. The story goes that Lord Vishnu was shot with an arrow and it landed here. When the Portuguese colonised the area, they changed it to its present name. Benaulim Beach today has ample opportunities for water sports like parasailing, boat riding, jet skiing, windsurfing, bike rides, etc. and these are not the only attractions. You can also visit the spice plantations or St John the Baptist Church atop a hill.

  •  Location: Benaulim
  • How to get there: The beach is 31 km from the airport. You can travel in the shuttles between the airport and Benaulim Beach, take a taxi or even rent a car. Madgaon is the nearest railway station just 5 km away from the beach.

11. Butterfly Beach, South Goa

Butterfly Beach

#11 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

The name is its best description. Yes, many exotic species of butterflies call this beach their home. It might just feel like a dream. Many tourists say that if you look closely, the beach is shaped like a butterfly. But that could be just something people choose to see. The beach is more like a cove, surrounded by dense trees and providing the privacy tourists seek. This privacy is what makes Butterfly Beach the best beach in South Goa for honeymoon goers.

  • Location: Palolem
  • How to get there: To reach here, you have to board a ferry from the neighbouring Palolem or Agonda Beach.

12. Patnem Beach, South Goa

Patnem Beach

#12 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

If rejuvenation is what you seek, Patnem Beach is the place to be. It is as good as a wellness centre. You can take up yoga lessons, cooking classes or even get an Ayurvedic massage here. This beach is free from water sports activities or the noise that comes with it. You can definitely find excellent seafood dishes at the shacks dotting the shore. The nightlife is absent, but people often bring their own instruments and have jam sessions by the beach.

  •  Location: Patnem 
  • How to get there: You can hire a cab or a prepaid taxi from Goa Airport to Patnem Beach and reach in less than two hours. You can also board a train from Madgoan Railway Station that stops at Canacona Railway Station. From there, you can take an auto-rickshaw, a taxi or even walk to the beach.

13. Polem Beach, South Goa

Polem Beach

#13 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

Situated at the southernmost tip of South Goa, this beach has very few visitors. Small hills border its northern-southern ends and casuarina and palm trees dot its shoreline. There are no big hotels here either. If you plan to visit this 700-metre long beach stretch, you can surely relax, unwind and go back to your routine life with a clearer mind. For those looking for more than solitude, there is kayaking, paddling, dolphin rides, water scooters, etc. to enjoy.

  • Location: Canacona
  • How to get there: There are multiple buses that ply from Panaji to Polem Beach.

14. Talpona Beach, South Goa

Talpona Beach

#14 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

Like Polem Beach, Talpona Beach is also another far-flung beach in South Goa. With pine and palm trees on the shore, white sands and clear waters, this one-kilometre long beach is perfect for solitude seekers. There are no water sports, but plenty of opportunities to swim and sunbathe. Bring a book and a picnic basket to spend the entire day lazing on this quiet beach.

  • Location: Canacona
  • How to get there: Panaji is connected to Talpona Beach via Palolem Beach. You can hire a taxi or auto from Palolem Beach to Talpona Beach.

15. Betul Beach, South Goa

Betul Beach

#15 of 15 Beaches in South Goa

Head to this South Goa beach and stay in huts that are available at very low prices. As Betul Beach is also a fishing port you can also enjoy a quiet boat ride. Be sure to visit the Betul Lighthouse, which is built on a hill. This coastal landmark is a must-visit and can be a source of some amazing pictures. Instagramers! Have you seen this lighthouse yet?

  • Location: Cavelossim
  • How to get there: Goa Airport is 39 km from the beach. Margao Railway Station is the biggest railhead about 18 km away from the beach. You can rent a taxi from here.
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